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          S/Automatic Ride On Floor Scrubber


          S/Automatic Ride On Floor Scrubber

          Industrial grade automatic ride on floor scrubber is most efficient and powerful for daily 

          ground cleaning.


          +  Adjustable angle steering makes the operation more comfortable

          +  Brush automatic lifting motor with one pressure operation

          +  Rugged aluminum die casting squeegee

          +  High quality polyethylene rotational molding housing

          Application areas

          Bicycles / Garden machines and tools / Garden / Terrace / Balcony furniture / Fences and smaller garden paths or paving / Motorcycles and scooters / Small cars / Outside staircases and larger garden paths / Mid-range and estate cars / Garden walls and stone walls / Camper vans and off-road vehicles / Swimming Pools and large patio areas / All cleaning tasks on the house and facades


          Working Width 850 MM
          Squeegee Width 1150 MM
          Working Capacity 5550 M2/H
          Brush Pressure 40 KG
          Brush Speed 220 RPM
          Brush Motor DC24V/550W x 2
          Suction Motor DC24V/640W
          Water Tank Capacity 110 L
          Recovery Tank Capacity 115 L
          Machine Size 1505 x 875 x 1290 MM
          Machine Weight 335 KG
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