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          With HIJET, Cleaning is no longer a problem

          Pressure Washers

          Compact design gasoline engine powdered pressure washers, from 1400PSI to 3300PSI.

          MORE +

          Commercial Floor Scrubber

          Automatic ride on floor scrubber
          High cleaning efficiency
          Compact frame volume

          MORE +

          HMC, Professional Cleaning Equipment Manufacturer for 13 years

          Ningbo HIJET Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004, is a professional enterprise for cleaning equipment and related parts R&D, production and sales. Our products are widely used in factories, construction sites, roads, automobiles, outdoor furniture cleaning and other industries.

          HIJET will provide you with the latest news and information.

          Provide customized cleaning solutions for specific needs.

          Provide you with the latest products catalog

          From parts to finished products, every step is in the front line of the domestic industry.

          Focus on cleaning technology R&D

          Strong Pressure / High-quality Power / Without Damaging the Base

          Pressure Washer removes the pipe hard dirt and clogging, with high-quality power and high speed operation. While the pressure of high-pressure water is less than the compressive strength of metal or reinforced concrete grade, it does not damage the cleaning substrate.

          Water jet technology / Simple / Efficient and Fast

          Comparing with the traditional cleaning technology, the efficiency of high pressure cleaner is more than ten times. After high pressure cleaning, there is no need to carry out the second cleaning treatments like chemical cleaning.

          Energy Saving Water Saving and Low Cleaning Cost

          Pressure washer only used water, under high pressure and high energy, cleaning without adding any filler and detergent. The cleaning cost is low, only about 1/3 of the chemical cleaning。Water jet cleaning method belongs to fine jet, saving energy and water.

          Ingenious Design for Various Cleaning Environments

          The pressure washer is well-designed and can clean in narrow space and harsh operating environment, such as parts with complex shape and structure. It has no special requirements for equipment material, characteristics, shape and scale species, and is widely used.

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